by Barns

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Hey BandCamp: It's Barns!

Back at it again with a zillion songs for your listening treasure.

This little EP is me, David, at home in my apartment with a computer and some guitars and a microphone and a dream. And not the dream where flying frogs with large breasts are throwing little pickles at me, but a dream that I could turn my time into music.

Dan, the drummer, was unaware that I did this. He claims to like it, but I don't buy it. After all, he is the drummer. But why hide my fondness for fake drums? It is widely known that I prefer frozen pizza to the real thing as long as we're talking Totino's here or Tombstone or Vinnie's. But Dan's ultra-realistic super-drums are the best. Maybe this should have been a side-project. But hey, when you got no label or PR guy or mixer or audio engineer or photographer or videographer or artist or manager or friends or fans you can do whatever you want. It's liberating! And sad. But mostly liberating!

Basically, I have so many songs I don't always have time to collaborate. They just make themselves. So enjoy it or skip it but don't dismiss it. Don't dismiss anything outright, except for Okra. Fuck Okra!!!! And I'm from GA.

Later G8tors



released February 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Barns New York, New York

Barns is a band from New York City. They are a duo.
Dan plays drums and David plays guitar.

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Track Name: You Got a Cigarette
You got a cigarette?
Light it up and put it in my mouth
So I can have one last smoke before...
Before I go.
Track Name: American Carnage
American Carnage!
Track Name: Kids
Hey kids, where you get the rock n roll?
Hey kids, where you get that out-of-control?
You gotta tell me what to dream about, tell me what to do.
Tell me where to go and who to listen to
Because I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't ever even leave my home
I stay inside.
Track Name: Buy Some Bread
We're gonna buy some bread

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